If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I’ve pondered this question many times over the years and provided answers.

It all began with conversations about where I would go if presented with opportunities like friends or family providing travel options. Countless fantastic ideas were shared by others. While dreaming of distant cities and the like, randomly, a decision was made to visit a place I had always yearned for. I desired to travel to Thailand or Australia; however, a thorough consideration of the top three choices resulted in picking a country never before visited.

Next, multiple factors were taken into account for selecting the perfect city within that country. What are my top three criteria for selecting a destination? Alongside remaining in the United States for an extended period, I wished to explore new, untouched lands and naturally, those easily accessible.

Visiting a country I've never been to before is always an exciting adventure

I plan to travel to a country I haven’t been to before soon. Although there are various options like Canada and Mexico, for now, I’m heading to two countries. Some people prefer traveling to a country with rich history and cultural diversity. What I’m looking forward to is something I’m not yet aware of. Considering my strong desire to be in a suburban area during my vacation from work in the United States, I’m leaning towards exploring a place that’s either in the American countryside or a small American town.

Please connect to the WiFi promptly.

My experience with Anywhere Worker allowed me to stay at any The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi for 3 weeks, so in several ways, my decision was made. There was CoLive program, which offers digital nomads the opportunity to work and live in hostels across the globe. While the speed may vary based on the country’s infrastructure and property type, the Internet service worked excellently at the four locations I visited.

Additional factors to contemplate when determining travel destinations.

LanguageI’m really excited about the idea of traveling to new places, and I’ve even started to seriously consider it. Having the ability to effectively communicate in multiple languages due to three years of language learning after high school has greatly enhanced my travel preparation, along with a fresh perspective on business travel thanks to my recent experience as a marketing.

Cost of living and exchange rate. Exploring diverse places, I’ve observed various landscapes and experienced differing economic conditions for farming, as well as cultural nuances across the NCR, Delhi.

Experience desired. In the calm corners, the shades of orange light up the Karalian sky as the evening sun sets, casting its warm rays across the rolling hills and serene valleys. This place gives the impression that time is at a standstill, offering a sanctuary of peace amidst the chaos of the world. Among these pages, an intricate “tapestry” unravels: In the wake of Covid’s arrival in early 2020, routines were paused, sparking moments of self-reflection, an invitation to embrace newfound serenity, and an opportunity to rediscover the city’s hidden corners and unexplored paths. It’s almost as if, for a brief period, I’m liberated from the constraints of daily life, free to roam and absorb the essence of every fleeting moment.

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