Four ways to Improve your design using authentic photos.

Using low-quality images can prevent even the best designers from creating truly outstanding work, and this is crucial for their careers. Therefore, it is important for designers to demand higher standards for the photos they integrate to meet the demands of stakeholders. Unfortunately, in most current stock markets, low-quality images have become the standard. This often results in a choice between disappointing visual assets, overly used assets, or both. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find images that inspire incredible work and ignite creativity.

Go beyond the stock status quo

“Do you know what type of stock photos just scream stock? The ones that seem to be the result of minimal effort on a checklist task? They are so ubiquitous that even people who will go through life without ever needing stock photos can instantly identify them just from memes.Because stock photography has turned into a game of quantity over quality, scrolling through page after page of similar images can be discouraging, making it easier to go with the first picture that pops up because, you know, it’s all the same. Designers might think they have no options, but good photos – the ones that inspire amazing design – are out there (if you know where to look).”

Incredible photographers are now within reach.

Stock photography platforms typically do not emphasize their pools of talent because, traditionally, stock photography does not revolve around the individual capturing the image. Most platforms are willing to accept submissions from almost anyone, leading to an overwhelming volume of content. This phenomenon explains why search results for terms like ‘urban living,’ ‘NYC aerials,’ or even ‘sunrise’ yield hundreds of pages featuring similar images of the sun positioned between skyscrapers.

Once again, this situation reflects a focus on quantity rather than quality. Many established corporate stock agencies have prioritized becoming the ‘biggest’ rather than the ‘best.’ Consequently, they have overlooked the value of showcasing world-class photographers, akin to those one might follow on social media platforms like Instagram.

Elevate your presentations with captivating, licensable images.

Communicating your vision to clients is quite challenging; it becomes even more discouraging when the ideal photos you imagine for your presentation are not available for licensing. The widespread use of low-quality generic stock images has persisted for far too long. These images can undermine the sophisticated concepts you’re striving to convey and can divert attention from the innovative ideas you’re passionately trying to convey to individuals who might not always be inclined toward creative thinking.

All too frequently, mediocre stock images lead to the frustrating response, ‘I’m not really seeing it,’ from stakeholders. These images fail to evoke excitement and, frankly speaking, if you’ve seen one stock photo, it can feel like you’ve seen them all.

Bypass the Photoshoot Hassle, Embrace Production-Free Solutions!

When booking a personalized photoshoot, you might end up with fantastic photos, but both your budget and schedule will take a hit. Save time and money by licensing ready-to-design photos that match the quality of a custom shot. Sometimes, it makes more sense to skip the custom shoots and license photos that align with your vision. On Stills, you can find footage from the same location and shots using the same talent, making it appear as if you’ve planned an entire shoot for your specific campaign

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